Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Cronenberg’s Videodrome is a mind bending piece of absurdity at its best with a subliminal message that is ultimately starting to become our reality. Sure, the film is definitely less known upon the standard movie viewing crowd but maybe it needs to be displayed once again to a more modern audience. Help spread the message that television can f#%k with your mind.

Max Renn (James Woods), a TV executive in charge of a sleazy, late night television network accidentally stumbles across a fuzzy satellite feed one night, in which he witnesses a “show” of horror, torture, and what could possibly be murder. At first Max is strangely compelled and addicted to these acts of violence but as time goes on, he starts to question it all. Who could possibly be the mastermind behind these horrid obscenities? It was the one question that Max wanted to know, but the one answer he never wanted to find out.
With this cult classic, you almost have to treat it the same way like you might have with Inception, constantly asking yourself if what you are watching is reality or simply a dream. The story itself conveys a very strong message to the viewer about the television business and the trance it has on us all and A numerous amount of memorable quotes seem to flow in and out of the somewhat perfect dialogue.
Almost everything in the film has a certain amount of strangeness composed into it with cinematic "hallucinations" and an ever-twisting plot. Towards the end, the film leaves me unsatisfied with so many questions left unanswered and a confused look on my face.
Videodrome is an ultimate hypnosis of the mind, a surreal work of fiction waiting to be displayed to the rest of the world.

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